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Live Security Protection Services

Protection of Objects Protection of Objects

On of the decisive forms of our complex enforcement activities is the protection of objects, which is our largest services, rendered in the largest volume provided for companies and institutions. Property protection security tasks are handled by well-trained, properly prepared and highly task oriented, by using state-of-the-art technology. This is also substantiated by our references, among them several multinational companies.
Remote Surveillance Action Service Remote Surveillance Action Service

Our strategic branch is the electronic remote surveillance. The surveillance centre is capable of receiving signals from all over the whole country.
As a part of the service we have an action group available for 24 hours during the day. In case of an alarm our specially trained colleagues attend to the object protected with high capacity motorcycles and take the appropriate measures.
During our work we have established an excellent working relationship with the Police, and as a result there is a continuous flow of information and cooperation.
Remote Surveillance Action Service Our Slogan is Prevention!

We make sure that our personal and property security guards have a professional appearance with our special uniforms, as required by both our own high standards and as a reflection of the demanding image of the client company. We use guard dogs as deemed necessary in an efficient manner. The planning, the establishment of the protection by dogs, the dogs’ training is carried out by our master trainers acknowledged both nationally and on various world championships for their high level of expertise.
Reception service Reception service

Our colleagues fulfilling the receptionist’s duty are always well-qualified professionals who speak foreign languages. Our customers can be sure that their arriving clients are given a polite reception. Our receptionist will manage the course of the visit and its anticipating waiting time alike politely and professionally.
VIP Bodyguard Service Personal Protection - VIP Bodyguard Service

We have achieved serious accomplishments in the field of event security and bodyguard services. We are fully prepared to execute special tasks with our team of experts with international experiences.
Mailing Service Mailing Service

Security mailing service takes care of the:

  security screening

of the letters and packages received by the clients.
Transportation of Money and Valuables

We have been providing transportation of money and valuables in a wider and wider circle with our specially equipped vehicles.

Security Technology

  Planning and maintenance of security technology alarm signalling and camera systems.
  Design, planting and servicing access control systems, fire signalling systems for companies and institutions.
  Designing, planting and servicing spatial surveillance systems.
  Our ProtectPhone system provides everybody in need of help and supervision with security and tranquillity of mind. What the system offers:
  – Immediate alarm sending.
– Speaking caller, two-way communication.
– Sound alarm attachable to the wrist.
– Warning signals can be added individually.
Integrated security technical systems Integrated security technical systems

We recommend establishing integrated security technical systems for larger companies. The point of the system is that all signals are entered into a computerized centre located on the territory of the company, such as electronical, alarm centre, fire indicators, video, access control and building surveillance systems, etc. enabling the surveillance crew available 24 hours a day to make the necessary actions immediately. A service closely related to property protection is – the protection of information.
Recently the protection of IT and other information is receiving more and more attention, if such need arises, our colleagues having extensive experiences can prepare a customized information security plan for the company.