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Audit, Risk Management

Risk Analysis - Risk Management

Risk Analysis and Risk Management Risk Management examines the business flow of the company, its management, all factors that might pose a risk to its operations and providing solutions to the issue as it arises.
The analysis covers the company’s external partner relationships, suppliers, customers, their solvency, the environment, issues of human resources, the protection of key positions, key personnel, the code of ethics, the rules of the internal system (protection of confidentiality, and assets, IT system, access control systems), natural disasters, extraordinary events, environmental damages, assurance of orderliness of operations.


We provide screening of companies and institutions from asset protection view, their security audits. This job is carried out by our expert colleagues having extensive experience in the field. Our purpose is not only to explore the shortcomings, but also to recommend the appropriate solution, or solutions.
The basis of our approach is the client centric flexibility.