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Private investigation

Private investigation

The Private Investigation and Forensics business unit of Védelem Holding holds exhaustive international experiences in the field.
To strengthen our trade mark protection and anti-forgery operations we have set up a network across the Balkan and Central European countries.
Our private investigation and forensic operations are supported by a data processing IT system, which helps us filter forged or illegal products on commercial internet sites. We undertake to:

In cases committed against property to search for unknown perpetrators, in case the perpetrator is known to collect evidence and professional documentation by photos, videos and voice.
  In litigations providing legal aid for victims and their legal representatives upon request.
Collecting documents, information outside of court cases or in cases of litigation.
  Information protection control.
  Checking on premises, buildings with devices.
Exploring industrial espionage, preventing breach of confidentiality with respect to business secrets.

  Beyond our professional preparedness our colleagues also possess the required technical and technological tools, devices to carry out the tasks.
  During the course of executing our mandate we act with full consideration of the legal regulations and with utmost confidentiality.
  Trademark protection, detection of counterfeits, preparation of legal proceedings.