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Technical Operation

Technical Operation

Technical Operation Our Facility Management Business Division is responsible for carrying out economical utilization of buildings and their equipments, protecting their stand and the extension of their life expectancy, i.e. with property management.
During the management of properties we are faced with a series of tasks, not independent from one another, which fundamentally impact the economical management of the property. Recognizing the contexts of the system means a cost-conscious thinking.

The cost items related to the maintenance of the property can be reduced significantly by applying our economical and technical plans, the property management recommended and applied by us.

  In relative costs, material, energy, labour costs
  In cases of redundancy
  In unnecessary and excessive use of fixed assets
  In warehousing costs of stocks
  In the time frame required for maintenance and refurbishings
  In the operational costs of automobile fleet
  In insurance costs

Jack of all trades service

Jack of all trades service This service offers a certain kind if instant repair service to our customers who value it high to have their technical problems of lesser volume solved as soon as possible.