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Training is a fast growing field of our activities as it has expanded from basic and advanced training of our own staff we are currently recommending it for companies, institutions and private individuals.

  Our communications training custom tailored of a specific branch, or company
  Our personality and organizational development training
Our training developed for special situations (catastrophe, fire, bomb threat, hostage taking, etc.) are primarily recommended for company managers

Védelem Academy

Professional security specialist training on international level!

Védelem Academy is launching a six-month security course in bodyguard protocol. Following the successful completion of the course its students are awarded with the diploma of Védelem Academy with a recommendation of the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association.
Védelem Academy is a training centre with international contacts. The tutors are renown experts with domestic and international experiences.
In case you are interested in the training, please visit us through any of our contacts.

Prerequisites for admission

  18 years of age, no criminal record
  High school diploma or apprentice school certificate or the completion of security guard course
  Proof a medical or psychological suitability
  Verbal admission exam in the form of a interview


  An overview of the history of the security job
  The conditions and concept of personal protection
  Scope of risks, analysis related to personal protection
  Protection of persons the context of protective rings
  Providing security for events and program places
  Protection of residences
  Protection of workplaces
  Protection of travels
  Cases of cooperation with official organs, with other security organizations
  Technical information (security technics, introduction to bombs, guns, driving)
  Protocol information – with special regard to employment equity and equal treatment
  Self-defence, close combat

Additional course opportunities

  8-16 hours of training for personal and property security guards
  60 hours of special course in English for personal and property security guards
  Bodyguard protocol
  Special training for managers